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October 23 2017


I found the most unsettling poem I must have written as a very young teenager. It sounds like some kind of invocation.

Half past twelve is underwater
east and west and north and south
one goes over and one goes under
one is a hungry mouth.

 She is the world and she is the window
the starlight and the bramble wreath
one is a carp and one is a minnow
one is nothing but teeth.

The wind is soft and the water’s shallow
and what has been will never be;
hands of stone or hands of tallow,
we will find them. One-two-three.

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genji’s LED eyes pls discuss

October 22 2017

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October 21 2017

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#instagram #myartwork #illustration#anthro #furry#furryart #inktober

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touched #instagram #catscatscats #snickerscat

October 20 2017

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paint me like one of your french girls #instagram #catscatscats #snickerscat

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Cat fits. Cat sits. (via candysaurus)

October 19 2017

We got my mother a black cat Halloween candy bowl...



It’s no longer hers.

It’s the cat’s now.

be real if someone in your household got an item of furniture with your face on it you’d climb right on in there too




what if mayonnaise came in cans

that would suck because you can’t microwave metal…

good morning to everyone except these two people

October 18 2017



How Do I Explain To My Cat That Stepping On My Boobs Hurts 

feel ok to me ? feet do not hurt

October 17 2017

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where did he go???????

October 16 2017

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some dark-skinned clouds #instagram #kentohio (at City of Kent)

October 15 2017

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my hair looks pretty great today #instagram #gpoy #mydumbface

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New skins!

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basically #instagram #gpoy #mydumbface #kentohio @KaijuHyena (at Euro Gyro)

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selfies in bar bathrooms #instagram #gpoy #mydumbface #kentohio (at Venice Cafe)

October 14 2017



if u don’t kiss ur cat on their tiny soft little forehead wtf are u even doing

Yelling at her for trying to eat plastic

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on the bus, all tuckered out from picking out a card for daddy’s birthday #instagram #dogs #papillon#pomeranian @KaijuHyena

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what is this cooking meme. is this a chef subculture i dont know about? a butcher subculture meme?

you all just let me play myself like that

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